Coolermaster?s CM Storm Releases New Sentinel Gaming Mouse

Today, CM Storm has announced that they will be making available their new Sentinel gaming mouse.  There are many features on this mouse that seem very exciting. First of all, it features a twin laser 5600DPI sensor with Doppler Effect processing and real-time tracking.

There is also an extensive software suite that allows for five different profiles to be saved to the internal memory on the mouse itself. Different profiles and DPI adjustments can be made on the mouse itself allowing you to toggle back and forth without leaving the game. Because of this internal memory, your mouse will always have those 5 settings available no matter where the mouse is taken and no matter what computer it is used in.

This mouse also features the ability to change the color of the LEDs that light up for the mouse, either being associated to different profiles or just for added ?bling? factor.  This mouse will also have an OLED screen on the mouse to give information about profiles and the like. CM Storm also features their StormGuard feature which  allows for the installation of a special PCI bracket in the back of the computer in order  to lock in the USB cable on the mouse to the inside of the case in order to deter theft. With all of these features, we would gladly take a look at this mouse and perhaps even compare it against some of the other gaming mice we use for daily use.