Leaked Lynnfield [Core i7-870] scores appear online

"The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,"

Robert Burns’s "To a Mouse" poem could not more properly describe the situation with Lynnfield. Intel’s upcoming "mainstream Nehalem" caused a lot of grief among Taiwanese motherboard makers, who all had products ready in June. In order to remedy the situation, Intel Taiwan silently allowed the channel to start selling Core i5-700 and Core i7-800 series of processors more than a month ahead of western world.

This didn’t sit well with people we talked to – from overclockers to channel vendors in the US and EMEA. A lot of vendors have full stocks of Lynnfield-based processors and motherboards, yet they aren’t allowed to sell them before a certain date in early September.

HWbot search results
HWbot search results for "Core i7 870"… Koreans rule the roost

Intel Core i7-870 CPU-Z Suicide shot at 5,103.19 MHzThus, it comes of no surprise of us that several Korean overclockers probably ventured onto a flight to Taiwan, purchased a Core i7-870 and posted some seriously impressive scores on HWbot[go on HWbot, and search for benchmark scores achieved by "Core i7870"], world’s premiere database of overclocking scores. Dinos22 andpro from i4memory.com team and littleboy from NP Korea Team published aseries of scores using Intel Core i7-870.

Highest validated clock was 5.103 MHz [so called "CPU-Z suicide shot"], but benchmark scores were posted with as high as 5.006 MHz – SuperPi 32M calculation completed in 7 minutes, 31 seconds and 220 miliseconds.

What was impressive seeing Core i7-870 at 4.2 GHz smashing the 30,000 marks barrier in PCMark 2005 [30,045 PCmarks]. All in all, it looks like Intel’s Performance team will have a lot to celebrate once that Lynnfield-based Core i5 and i7 finally make a legal appearance in stores.

Thanks to our own Bright Side of Overclocking* team’s captain for the heads up on this one.