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A-DATA FAIL: Press release from the future


According to an A-DATA press release we received on the eve on August 24, 2009 – A-DATA opened up two new branches in Korea and Mexico.

Now, this would be yet another overlooked story if there wasn’t for the fact that press release stated that the offices were opened on August 26, 2009. Checking the calendar confirmed that we received the story on morning Taiwan time on August 25, 2009 – and the press release claimed that the offices were opened tomorrow.

The soon-to-be opened office in Korea is based in the city of Seoul while the Mexican office is predictably in Mexico City. A-DATA’s total branch office count is brought to eleven with the addition of the new offices. The managers who are slated to run the new branches posses more than fifteen years of experience in the memory market and who reportedly understand the cultures perfectly. E.g. start with local talent that has experience and slowly build the momentum going forward.

De Lorean Company from Back to the Future series. Copyright Mark Shields
New company car enables A-DATA’s management to find that precious time advantage. Copyright: Mark Shields

Given the fact that A-DATA obviously acquired the car in the picture above, and managed to get 2.1 JigaWatts into the flux capacitor while traveling at the speed of 88 miles per hour, the Korea branch office was christened by Simon Chen, Chairman  & CEO of A-DATA, while the Mexico office was opened by Will Lin, General Manager of A-DATA USA, both on August 26th, 2009. If you’re surprised at A-DATA’s ability to travel into the future,don’t worry – according to iSuppli, the company is the world’s secondlargest purveyor of DRAM [dynamic random access memory]. Given the fact that A-DATA is a privately held company, the stock market’s reaction cannot be used to analyze the event.

Editor’s note:
The article was written in sarcastic tone, and if you don’t have a sense of humor, we would advise you to acquire one. Makes life and errors like these – a little bit easier.