Serious Sam HD advertisement is seriously awesome

When CroTeam launched the original Serious Sam: The First Encounter in 2000 the game scored highly for its humor, and fast breath-taking action that would put even the most passive player you know into a killer frenzy.
While working on their next-generation 3D engine dubbed Serious Engine 3, guys decided to pay homage to their previous titles: Serious Sam HD is a combination of previously released games in a brand new engine, released as a trial run for their upcoming Xbox 360 and PC games. The game will e-tail for around $15 on Xbox Live Arcade and on digital distribution platforms for the PC.

Serious Sam - Old versus New
Above: Serious Sam: The First Encounter. Down: Serious Sam HD Can you see the difference?

So, in a world that hasn’t seen a lot of bright games, guys at CroTeam and Majesco Entertainment decided to launch a somewhat unusual ad campaign – parodying all those "bored-to-hell" TV commercials. In a just released Serious Sam HD advertisement on YouTube, the teams just let themselves go.

In my calendar, this ad actually has another thing to say – a humoristic "we beat you" tribute to dead-serious George Broussard and Duke Nukem franchise. When GOD Games published Serious Sam: The First Encounter, petty souls at now semi-defunct 3DRealms cried foul that Sam "Serious" Stone is looking too much like Duke Nukem and cried foul. GOD Games [today known as Take Two Interactive] was in charge of taking care of both CroTeam and 3DRealms. Given the fact that CroTeam was a newcomer, GOD Games forced CroTeam to change the character. The result was known: Serious Sam: The Second Encounter came with a new face, conspicuously resembling one particular nVidia’s PR manager from UK. Even though this change was criticized by former workers – Richard "Levelord" Gray was cited saying: "This is nothing short of hypocritical. While we were designing Duke, we stole every major action movie character: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Bruce Campbell and others".

Now, Serious Sam HD is coming before Duke Nukem, and continues to give that die hard humor Sam was known for. Watch the HD trailer, then the hilarious advertisement and at the end of the day, vote with your wallets.