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EVGA releases their world record breaking platform

EVGA’s "World Record Breaking platform" is a combination of two different products, which in harmony, are capable of consistently producing world records. Today, EVGA announced their 4-way SLI X58 Classified motherboards and the GTX285 Classified Edition. This, in part, confirms our earlier speculation that this was indeed either a motherboard or a dual 285 GPU. In reality it almost ended up being just that, but instead of getting a dual GPU 285 board, we got the GTX 285 Classified Edition.

The big difference between the standard Classified motherboard and this board is that the standard Classified at one point had a single NF200 chip to deliver True X16 to three videocards. The current Classifieds for sale now don?t even have an NF200 bridge chip. Now, EVGA has gone 4Way SLI using two NF200 chips on one board, which enables the use of more than 4 PCIe slots at full Gen2 X16 – following Intel’s Skulltrail and two ASUS motherboards [Revolution and SuperComputer]. This board actually has 7 PCI Express X16 slots, which won?t all run at X16 speed if all the slots are populated. Also, EVGA decided to opt-in a fan this time since we would imagine adding that additional NF200 would increase the overall temperatures that this board experiences under idle and load temperatures. This board also features many of the same features as the standard classified boards with a 10 Phase Digital PWM as well as the Low ESR/ESL Film Caps and increased gold in the CPU socket. This board is also a good 1.5 inches longer than the standard classified.

Image Courtesy of K|INGP|N and AndreYang over at XtremeSystems

As for the GTX 285 Classified Edition, this board will support a few new things that make it overclocker friendly. The card features an eight phase digital PWM as well as Low ESR/ESL Film Caps and support for the new EVGA EVBot overclocking controller.

Also, in order to further satisfy overclockers? needs EVGA decided to throw in another 6-pin power connector onto this card in order to facilitate those high voltage overclocks which EVGA claims can deliver up to 640W of power. This card also has a special 4 way SLI and Extreme OC Mode switch built into it to enable you to do extreme overclocking. There are also dedicated Voltage read points which will enable the user to read the VPLL, DDR VDDQ, and V GPU. 4 of these cards used in conjunction with the 4-way SLI EVGA Classified Motherboard have enabled people like Shamino and Kingpin to crush all of the records around them. Yes, this is a formula one platform alright.

EVGA also a new page about this new platform as well as video they have of the world record breaking overclocking session here. If you’re wondering how much all of this overclocking goodness will cost, the Classified 4 Way SLI motherboard will run $449USD and the Classified GTX 285 will run $379USD.

You can also take a look at the thread over on XtremeSystems started by AndreYang and K|INGP|N to see their overclocking progress as well as how they got it to work the way it does.