Subnotebooks ahoy: Toshiba launches 160GB 1.8" drive


Storage divison of Toshiba Corporation just officially launched a new line of miniature, lightweight 1.8" HDDs intended for building a different, next generation portable devices such as media players, digital video cameras and other consumer electronics products. 1.8" drives are usually used in subnotebooks and ultra-portable computers – but also afore mentioned video cameras that are all at rage with portable drives.

The disk drive itself uses a PATA interface and comes with storage capacity of 160 and 120GB [both use the same single platter]. We have to state that not using portable SATA interface is not such as big negative, but we would still prefer if Toshiba pushed the mSATA as well, given the complexity of PATA interface. Rotational speed is 4,200 RPM, weighing in only 48 grams. With 5mm width it should be thin enough to ease the integration inside the ultra-thin devices. It is also one of the quietest hard drive produced because of its size and the advanced acoustic management techniques that Toshiba has incorporated into all of its recent mobile HDD platforms.

All key features and specifications can be found here.