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New iPhone OS 3.1 from Apple

During yesterday’s event in San Francisco, Apple launched several new software applications, but more importantly – the company delivered a new version of operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, iPhone OS 3.1.

The new OS, with all the possibilities from the previous version 3.0.1, brings some new features: Genius recommendations for apps, Genius Mixes, downloading ringtones wirelessly, a new way to organize apps on your iPhone, and several other features.

The new option is organizing apps and desktop through advanced and modern interface of new iTunes 9. There is also better synchronization, saving video attachments from email and MMS into Camera Roll, better Wi-Fi performance for the iPhone 3G when Bluetooth is turned on and Remotely locking iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe. Owners of 3GS devices now can use Voice Control with Bluetooth headphones, and they can paste phone numbers directly into the keypad.

The possibilities of synchronization calendar and invitations in Exchange are expanded. Mobile Safari got an anti-phising security option. There are also many smaller changes and better stability.

However, there are several large downfalls of this upgrade. First and foremost, if you are using a hack to get tethering [using iPhone as a modem] running on networks that officially don’t support tethering – that no longer works. For our North American readers, this means one thing – if you used a hack to get tethering working on an AT&T network without paying them a subscription fee, do not upgrade to OS 3.1.

The owners of iPhone can download the new OS for free through standard iTunes. And for the owners of iPod Touch this upgrade cost $4.95, and it will come with all new available models.