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Samsung to launch a six monitor setup for AMD Eyefinity technology


As you noticed in our previous story, bezels on those Dell’s were a little bit thick. Samsung has an answer for that – display giant is teaming up with AMD. When we saw the six display setup over at AMD’s HQ, I was personally awed by the experience a gamer gets while playing in 25 Megapixel resolution, e.g. 7680×3200 pixels. But the thick bezels on Dell’s 3008WFP might be inconvenient for long hour gaming sessions.

In order to combat that, Samsung’s executives were in a similar state of shock as yours truly were… and the display giant decided to team up with AMD and "create a special product for a special technology."

Samsung's Eyefinity or six 30
Samsung’s Eyefinity: World, meet six 22" displays with ultra-thin bezels

Samsung Eyefinity is nothing short of amazing – just like the company teamed up with nVidia for their 22" display and 3D Vision glasses, Samsung jumped onboard for AMD Eyefinity technology and created a ultimate gaming setup: six displays feature not the 7680×3200, but rather 5760×2160 resolution [six 1080p displays], but it is still nothing short of spectacular.

The backbone for six displays is a telescopic carrier that is able to hold the weight of six 23" PVA displays, produced at a good cost [$200]. At the time of writing, we weren’t informed about the price of this setup, but AMD assures us that the price will be competing with between one or two Dell 30" displays from our previous story. The final color of the bezels is not set, with Samsung evaluating black, gray and white color schemes.

Mass production of these displays is expected in December 2009, with availability set for holiday season 2009.