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Windows 7 commercial strikes again


Remember Kylie from the earlier series of Microsoft’s "I am a PC" ads? After a laptop hunter series that lasted less than the originally planned 14 ads, Microsoft is going back to its roots and relaunching a campaign featuring "I am a PC" people. This time around, the marketing campaign’s name is "Good News".
Kylie tells us she’s found happy words – lots of them. The interesting marketing ploy in all of this is the fact that "happy words" are nothing else but positive reviews of Windows 7 operating system coming from different web pages. Kylie than takes all the happy words about Windows 7 and makes them even happier in her very own slideshow so that we can clearly see just how everyone thinks that Windows 7 is the not a downfall like Vista. As for the music that accompanies this add, well you’ll just need to hear it for yourself…

If you hit on YouTube, you can see the commercial for yourself and honestly, we can admit that the advertisment is quite good – "I’m a PC and more happy is coming."

Whether you liked the ad or not we will say only this: Don’t worry, be happy 🙂