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ATI Evergreen supports Eye resolution with 8Kx8K displays

During the presentation of ATI Eyefinity technology, ATI mentioned that the upcoming Evergreen line of graphics cards supports the digital counterpart of "resolution of human eye".

Rick Bergman didn't exactly explain where the 268 Million pixel number comes from...
Rick Bergman didn’t exactly explain where the 268 Million pixel number comes from…
According to Rick Bergman [Senior Vice President of Products Group in new AMD], 90 degree arch of the human eye has the resolution of 268 million pixels. This number varies between 252 and 268 Million pixels, but in any case, ATI found a way to match it. But Rick didn’t exactly explain what that number has to do with Eyefinity technology. An e-mail with the official press release contained the explaination:

"2. 268 megapixels is supported only with low refresh rates on future generation 8K x 8K display technology. For 3D gaming using current generation monitors and 60Hz refresh rates, 98.4 megapixels can be achieved.
3. Based on third-party research that explores theoretical eye resolution:  According to the formula at the link provided, the effective amount of viewing arc is proportional to the square root of the number of pixels.  ATI Eyefinity technology is capable of 8192×8192  pixels, making the maximum image size per graphics card 67 megapixels, or ~41 degrees of viewing arc. With four ATI Eyefinity-enabled graphics cards in a single system, the image size equals 268 megapixels or an 82 degree field of view."

Maximum supported resolution of a system equipped with four high-end Evergreens [Cypress] is 268 Million pixels, but there is a caveat. Using today’s standard resolutions, Evergreen in CrossFireX mode can display either 55.3 [1920×1200 times 24] or 98.3 [2560×1600 times 24] million pixels.

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Twenty-four 24" displays make up for 55.3 million of usable pixels…a long way to 268 million.

Now, the upcoming 8K by 8K display resolution where 8192×8192 pixels make up for 67.1 million pixels on a single display [requiring six DisplayPort connectors to connect a single display]. Four of these make up for 268.4 million pixels, equaling afore mentioned "eye resolution". Note that this technology will not be suitable for gaming, since low-refresh reminds us of that IBM’s T221 display, world’s first 4K LCD monitor that used 30 Hz refresh rate. AS T221 was near-perfect for CAD/CAM/CAE business, we have no doubts where the 8Kx8K resolution will be utilized. This might be that key technology that would get ATI inside the commercial engineering studios such as automotive and airplane design industries.

All in all, Evergreen is turning into quite a game changer as far as visual experience goes.