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Is this a dream PC? A 42" Multi-Touch All-in-One PC


Without any doubt, one of key selling features for the upcoming Windows 7 operating system is the native multi-touch interface. Windows 7 is built with multi-touch in mind, hence the larger icons and "better finger guidance" [as a certain Microsoft NA exec explained to us].

But in order to bring multi-touch experience to life, you need multi-touch displays. And just as we were talking with one large system integrator in North America, Blackberry rang with an e-mail coming from Taiwan.

In a typically broken English fashion, representative from Winsonic Electronics announced the launch of their new product, a 42" multi-touch All-in-One PC. The display itself is based on LCD technology with 500 nits of lighting goodness – you definitely don’t want to run this screen at 100% brightness, unless you want to see the screen embedded into your retina. The contrast is declared at 5000:1 and when you combine all of that with 178 degree viewing angle, you get a good base for a multi-touch experience.

The multi-touch panel using ElanTech technology. If the name rings a bell, ElanTech is the same company that sued Apple back in February 2009 over the multi-touch patents. ElanTech’s customers are ASUSTeK, Samsung and many more, but Winsonic Electronics is joining the customers list with a without a doubt – the largest product with multi-touch screen.

Winsonic 42
One thing is certain: once you try a multi-touch PC, you will not want to go back to a mouse and a keyboard.

As far as the rest of the systems go, this 42" all-in-one PC is based upon dual 9400s: a Core 2 Quad Q9400 processor [2.66 GHz] and an nVidia GeForce 9400 chipset. The system memory can go up to 4GB of DDR2-800 memory, which is so-so, but then again, the makers of this all in one had to use a tiny ITX motherboard in order to make a compact case.

The only thing that could limit the success of this system is the fact that the company engineers aren’t exactly savvy with English language – we noticed no less than five grammar errors and the construction was a little bit "off". However, we hope to see this system in stores in the western world, even by means of rebranding this all-in-one PC. With this system in house, you could say that you live in a 21st century home.