Patrick P. Gelsinger leaves Intel, sees the light in EMC

Just like AMD announced severe restructuring a while ago [and pushed Randy Allen from the company] and merged various business units in just four key units, Intel announced a similar change, forming Intel Architecture Group. The group will be managed by Sean Maloney and Dadi Perlmutter, but the largest news is the fact that Patrick P. Gelsinger decided to leave the company.

After spending 30 years in Intel, Patrick probably realized that he won’t be picked up to be the next Intel’s CEO [that role firmly belongs into Sean Maloney’s hands], and the time to make the change was up. At EMC, Patrick is going to take upon a role of President and Chief Operating Officer [COO]. This is a proper position for a person that was in charge of many CPU architectures in the past.

Patrick P. Gelsinger showing of a 300mm wafer with Larrabee dies
Patrick P. Gelsinger showing of a 300mm wafer with Larrabee dies [note the gigantic size of the chip]

In a way, CPU heritage got in Patrick’s way inside Intel, especially seen during the infamous NetBurst area. New Intel is divided in Intel Architecture Group [IAG], Technology and Manufacturing Group [TMG] with its respective business units.

Regardless of how the future will pan out, but one thing is certain ? Intel’s keynotes won’t look as near as interesting, and press and analysts have one person less to talk to. It will be interesting to see who will take charge of explaining the development of Larrabee and all of the roadblocks the program is currently experiencing.