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CoolIT launches industrial-grade liquid cooling for Nehalem-EP

With the latest product launch, CoolIT Systems are gunning for OEM design wins in workstation specter. Dubbed WS 240, CoolIT created a product consisted out of two CPU blocks, proprietary mounting mechanism, and Domino ALC-based 240mm radiator block. The setup in question should easily dissipate excessive heat produced even by two Turbo enabled Xeon W5590 processors at 3.46 GHz each [3.33 GHz default clock].

There should be more than enough headroom for the upcoming sexa-core Xeon W5600 series of processors as well [32nm Gulftown CPU packs six Nehalem cores, 384KB L1, 1.5MB L2 and 12MB L3 cache]. In order to win OEM contracts, CPU blocks don’t exceed Intel’s specification of CPU cooler weight [LGA-775 – 440g/0.97 lbs, LGA-1156/1366 – 595g, 1.3lbs]. As you might have concluded from previous sentence, WS 240 is being delivered with Socket 775, LGA-1156 and LGA-1366 brackets.

CoolIT WS 240 - a new cooling setup for dual Intel Xeon 5500 and upcoming 5600 series of processors
CoolIT WS 240 – a new liquid-cooling offering for dual Intel Xeon W5500 and upcoming W5600 series of processors

This design is available to OEMs for around $270, depending on volume and that price is really something you should think about. Majority of air-cooled OEM designs are in $150 range [complete setup, including the plastic air-flow casing around the cooler], meaning that you can get unbeatable thermal performance and silent operation at the same time.

From one side, OEMs can easily design a system around WS 240 with only thing that needs their attention is room for two 120mm fans in sequence. There is space for DIY crowd as well, given that you can purchase attractive case that would fit the bill. For instance, cases such as Antec Twelve Hundred, Cooler Master Cosmos/Cosmos S and many more fit the bill perfectly.

All in all, quite an interesting product – we are planning to test it out with Intel Skulltrail and Gainestown platform.