Review: Luxa2 H1 Touch Mobile Holder


The majority of people these days carry around cell phones and as such there is a huge market for cellular accessories. People usually tend to have their phones clipped to their hips or in their purses or simply sitting in their pockets while out and about. But once they get to their desk, they stay in that same mobile way of carrying their phones which usually results in missed text messages or missed phone calls. Because of this, Luxa2 decided to create a universal cell phone desktop holder. If one were to think about it, it sounds perfect for people who sit at their desks all day but still use their cell phone in the office.

Today we will be reviewing the Luxa2 H1-Touch. For those who are unfamiliar with the name Luxa2, they are actually the recently formed division of the well known Thermaltake, responsible for making many luxury innovative products for the electronics enthusiast. We will be evaluating the usefulness of this product as a desktop mobile phone holder, as well as the compatibility between various devices at hand.

The packaging for the H1-Touch is actually quite interesting. This is because as a brand Luxa2 prides themselves in being a green company.They talk about how they have a "Green LUXA2 Concept," which involves a multifaceted effort to maintain a green image. The first part of the "Green LUXA2 Concept" is the packaging.

They specifically state, "LUXA2 packaging is designed smaller to reach the goal of ‘GoingGreen’. Reduce packaging and shipping emissions and get in touch with the spirit of loving our planet. Therefore, the smaller package makes less material to recycle and protect our planet."

Judging by these statements we had to take pictures of the packaging and evaluate the recyclable nature of the packaging as well as its ability to protect the package.

Outside of the box, unopened.

Side of the box, talking about how their product is make with Swarovski Crystals and is uniquely you.

Product description in multiple languages.

Opening the top of the box reveals a tougher box, which appears to contain the product itself.

And here is the inner box, it appears to be designed to provide maximum protection for the device as well a to use minimal cardboard, which in of itself is recyclable.

The box itself passed our drop and kick tests with flying colors mainly because this product doesn?t require much protection nor does it require much packaging to begin with. The box consists of an outer box that carries product information, and then an inner box that protects the product itself as well as keeps it inplace. Also, it appears that they opted for 9 different languages on the box in order to avoid having to print different boxes every time. Accessories
In the field of accessories, there really isn’t anything other than the warranty card and the quick start guide/manual that comes in multiple languages. Beyond that, there isn’t really much else included with the HP-1 Touch. It makes sense that there are very few accessories for this device mainly because it?s built to be universal and it is an accessory in of itself.

Here is the tiny little manual.

The following pictures are the inside of the manual and the instructions on how to use the H1-Touch – as you can see in the picture below, it can be a very complicated affair:

This product carries a 2 year warranty which involves the email support as well as the Thermaltake eRMA service which Luxa2 is apparently part of. They also have an online page with downloadable manuals which allow for lost manuals to be replaced digitally. Overall, their site is very informative but still requires some refinement. We did not contact Luxa2 for support, but their only stated phone numbers are Taiwanese. So if one would want to get phone support, we frankly don’t see whereone would go.
Reviewers Experience
From the beginning, this product seemed to be a bit interesting in what it claimed to do and how it looked. So when Luxa2 was offering these for review we decided to snap one up and see if it was any use. At first, it just seemed like a normal stand and it didn’t really seem add much. But as our use progressed we began to see the benefits of having such a device.

Personally, this reviewer owns an HTC Touch Pro. As some may know, this device is a fully touch screen phone that ALSO has a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. So, we thought we?d give it a go and see how useful it would be for such a phone considering that almost all of the advertisements and videos Luxa2 has on their site are of iPhones.

Luxa2 right out of the box with the protective film still attached.

Before we even began using the device, we noticed a black surface on the base of the device. This is one of those high-friction surfaces that allow one to hold a device without even having any supports. This is the sor
t of surface that allows the phone to stay in place regardless of the rotation of the phone. This was definitely a good idea on Luxa2?s part mainly because it reduces the phone traveling around if the grasps around it aren’t necessarily snug to the phone.

The bottom base of the device with a rubberized ring in order to keep it planted and from sliding.

The profile of the device is actually quite slim and the thickness of the aluminum used is far from thin.

What the device looks like with the holder portion facing up, showing the overall thickness of the holder and gripping material.

The back side shows that Luxa2 went with chrome plated screws and a very unique type of hinge.

First we tried the phone in portrait mode and it appeared to fit nicely within the rubberized grasps of the holder.

With the rubberized arms open, the phone is still staying stuck to the device because of the black surface on the base of the device that enables grip.

This is the device with the rubberized grips closed onto the phone

The holder enabled us to make and receive calls, write text messages, and respond to emails without ever having to take the phone off the stand. Rotating the phone into landscape mode allows for watching of videos and pictures. With this phone, the slide out keyboard can slide out and still sit very nicely on the phone. This enables faster text messaging and email writing than using the touch screen.

Viewing pictures on the phone

Browsing the web on the phone at various angles.

We also tried rotating and flipping the phone while on the holder and found that in a few instances the phone still managed to slide off the device when flipped upside down but for the most part stayed on. We found that this device had a fairly large footprint for a desk, but still was approximately the same area that a phone would have taken up. The quality of the finish as well as the build quality of the device itself is impeccable. We would expect such a device to last far beyond the warranty period based on our use of the device.

In addition to rotating the phone about the holder, we also wanted to make sure that Luxa2 was placing their grips in the appropriate locations in order to avoid blocking certain key buttons on the phone. When it came to the Touch Pro, the volume and power buttons were unobstructed. The charging/USB port was also unobstructed as were the microphone and speaker.

The power button is clearly unobstructed.

What the phone looks like when it is in landscape mode closed.

Different landscape angle

Angled slightly downward, and it still stays in place

The stylus is also unobstructed and easily attainable.

The entire device flipped backwards with the phone in landscape mode.

The usb plug and power connector is also easily reachable and allows for easy access.

Although a bit hard to tell because of the sheen that the device has, once can see that both the sound buttons are also fairly easily accessible although the grip on the left is touching the volume up button slightly but does not affect volume at all.

Here is the back of the device with the slide out keyboard. Although the phone does not entirely sit perfectly on this device. It still holds the phone quite well and makes for a good platform for texting and the like.

Here is another image to give you
an idea of what the phone looks like when it is slid open and put on the device. It does not necessarily sit perfectly, but it works well even though the phone is not flush with the holder.

Since just testing with one phone did not satisfy our needs for compatibility we decided to grab ourselves a Blackberry 8830 World Edition and see whether that phone would have any issues with buttons and or connectivity.

Clearly, because the Blackberry 8830 World Edition is such a wide phone the rubber grips almost barely close, but it still manages to keep the phone in place and from moving around.

As once can see here, the phone fits flush with the holder, but one of the rubber grips is clearly blocking the sound adjustment buttons.

Here we can see that the USB charging and communication connector is completely blocked by the rubber grip, but if the phone is slid slightly upward, it is then usable… but that is still an issue.

On this end, the mute and power buttons are clearly visible and accessible.

And here is the bottom of the phone, nothing to really block here.

As a matter of full disclosure, there is a compatibility list that shows officially compatible devices.

Nokia N97, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia E63, iPhone, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Tour, Blackberry Storm, Motorola V3, SonyEricsson X1a, HTC Touch HD , HTC Touch Diamond

This list was taken right off newegg, and we dont have these devices to test with to see whether they are indeed compatible other than the Touch Diamond which is the same as the Touch Pro

The only thing that we didn?t really like was the use of Swarovski Crystals. Yes, we are aware that these are a part of the Luxa2 brand and that they are supposed to add some class to the device, but we really believe that this device would have been much more tasteful without them. They?re purely there for the bling factor, and they may even discourage some from getting due to that fact. Value
The Luxa2 H1-Touch currently sells for $49.99 at various stores listed on the Luxa2 site. They even sell them direct if you so choose. The value that exists in this product isn’t necessarily in the fact that you get a bunch of extras in addition to your main product purchase, but rather the quality of the materials used and the workmanship. If you factor those into the equation, $49.99 doesn’t really seem that high at all and considering its stylish nature and the quality of materials in the device. Overall, we were not left thinking that this device was overpriced but it was still in no way cheap.

The Luxa2 H1-Touch is without doubt a great product that has clearly had a lot of thought put into it. This device is clearly targeted towards those who have bigger pocketbooks than others considering the Swarovski Crystals and the overall sleek design. This device does a good job of both serving as a desktop phone holder as well as has compatibility with many devices, even though a very few do have issues. If you’d like to learn more about this device, we advise you visit the Luxa2 site and watch their intro video.

We would also liketo thank Thermaltake for the opportunity to review the Luxa2 H1-Touch.