GlobalFoundries: 32nm yield reaches a breakthrough


GlobalFoundries announced that the company reached a double-digit yield with 24Mbit SRAM chips in their 32nm SOI process, on track for 50% yield by year’s end. At a GSA Expo conference, GlobalFoundries will showcase its manufacturing update, but the yield information was just too big to miss.

Truth to be told, Intel’s yields are between 70-80% at the moment right now, so the chip giant from Santa Clara clearly has advantage over GlobalFoundries and its customers. Then again, AMD won’t be ready with their 32nm SOI microarchitecture before 2011, so there is plenty of time for GlobalFoundries to ramp-up.

You can expect to hear a lot of details about their "Gate First" name for High-k Metal Gate [HKMG] technology, given that GlobalFoundries are implementing the HKMG to both SOI and Bulk silicon process at the same time.

On the bulk silicon front, GlobalFoundries disclosed that the company achieved the smallest SRAM cell size in the industry by using 28nm process – a SRAM cell takes only 0.120nm2. This is quite an incredible number that will make ATI’s next generation graphics part very cache friendly. But it is not just AMD [ATI] that will benefit with the 28nm process. GlobalFoundries signed STMicroelectronics with their customers and same thing happened with ATIC acquiring Chartered Semiconductor and gaining their customers as well.