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The Perfect Play: Play games and donate for free!

When we heard about Games That Give, we didn’t know what to think. You have an online site that gives you several games to play absolutely free of charge, while at the same time you’re watching at ads from large corporations that are donating two thirds of the ad revenue to charities.

If there is a perfect way to entertain yourself and yet feel good about it [since you’re most likely to play while at work], then Games that Give are ranked really high in our list.

Games That Give

The startup from San Francisco, CA managed to gather a support from large corporations such as Starbucks, PepsiCo, MasterCard, Best Buy and the like, combined that with charities such as UNICEF, Mercy Corps, ACCESS, IAVA, Breast Cancer Network of Strength, United Way and many more.

The story goes like this – you log to the site and start playing games such as Solitaire, Sudoku, Gems [variant of Bejeweled to which I am completely hooked on], the background is covered with an ad from a participating company and your achievements result in a donation to one of several dozen charities that participate in the project.
If you play casual games online, this is one project to participate on.