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Elemental announces a cGPU server for video production


As some may know, Elemental Technologies Inc. [ETI] is the company responsible for programs like Badaboom and the Elemental Accelerator which is used to speed up programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. But at the GPU Technology Conference, Elemental Technologies came out with a new product called the Elemental Server which provides high efficiency video transcoding using GPUs.

Elemental Server revealed - a dual-GPU GeForce GTX 295 is used for 2 TFLOPS of computational power
Elemental Server revealed – a multi dual-GPU parts are used for 4 TFLOPS of computational power

This solution is ideal for broadcasters, studios, and online video platforms. This technology enables them to deliver multiple bitrates and multiple resolutions at the same time and support many different devices. Although, at the current time, Elemental cannot support anything above 1080P at 30 frames per second, only satisfying the needs of broadcast productions. The company is working with the usual suspects to enable even higher resolutions, as the TV production is getting ready to expand the currently offered resolutions in 2011 and 2013. Elemental Technologies reported that their first client is BrightCove, broadcast company responsible for delivering streaming video for companies like the Discovery Channel, A&E, Time Warner, Fox, and many more. The Elemental Server is expected in a low five figure range, meaning the company is gearing up to take on six-figure broadcast and transcoding boxes. nVidia will be happy and more importantly, the customers will really be happy with all the advancements Elemental Technologies are bringing to the broadcast market.

In addition to the server, Elemental has also announced their soon-to-be released live streaming engine and UI. The webcast during nVidia’s GTC 2009 event was streamed online using Elemental Technologies’ new Live Streaming Engine. And as someone who has watched some of the videos that streamed online using this technology I can say that it looks quite promising. The streaming problems that were experienced by viewers in Europe were caused by Internet provider by throttling down the Internet connection from the Fairmont hotel onwards – that’s the American ISP for you.

As part of their presentation, Elemental expects to bring several million greenbacks in revenue this year as opposed to a six-figure number last year – clearly demonstrating that the need of the market the extremely rapid growth of the company as well as the demand for their technologies. Sam Blackman, CEO and Chairman, did state during his presentation that due to the economy and other underlying factors that he does not expect to be cash flow positive this year like he was last year even though Elemental’s revenue is much higher. But investing for the future is what matters. One thing is certain – this is a company to watch for in 2010.