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Dell Launches Adamo XPS, Was the Demo Unit Real


Today Dell launched its new Adamo XPS, yet there was something very odd about the launch. They did not show it working. Instead they just waived around, what we can only assume is, a sample.

They also did not provide any details on the new book. In fact to the best of our knowledge they did not even open it up for the press. This is a cause for serious concern; we currently have a team of forensic analysts [ok two guys with a box of Twinkies and a case of Mountain Dew] going over the available pictures to make sure there is no foul play here.

Too thin to show it to the press?

We can only assume that because the sample used was most likely a fake;
A ? Dell is hurting for sales and looking to gain market attention
B ? Dell it lying and the Adamo XPS is months away
C ? This is really ridiculous thing to cover as it is not a big deal at all.

What was arguable is the fact that Dell offered no details about Adamo XPS sans the obvious details. Playing on just one aspect might come to kick you in the behind, so Dell has to learn how to thread it [the information] carefully.

The point of this little article is to show that most companies do this at launches when they want information about the product to reach the public. It helps sales and builds interest in products.

The recent debacle over NVIDIA and their screw up with the fake Fermi is shown more and more as FUD mongering and someone?s attempt to pull interest from the actual purpose of the GTC event which was to show that the new Fermi Architecture is capable of up to five times the performance of the current generation. That is impressive no matter what time the cards arrive. Can this be leveraged into gaming performance? The answer is, more than likely yes. The new architecture is very flexible and capable of running code faster, this should translate into running DX11 and graphical information faster as well.

When will we see Fermi in any form? Well the information that I have heard (which comes from other sources rather than NVIDIA) is that we should see a ?launch? in the first two weeks of November. If things go well the cards should see daylight around the end of November / Early December.

How they will fair against AMD?s Evergreen is something different. The issue is not simple, you see right now there are no available DX11 games. Not a big deal right? Well yes and no, AMD (ATi) was one of the companies to help MS get DX off the ground.  This has always given them an upper hand where DirectX is concerned. They also have almost always had better image quality and HD support. Yet NVIDIA has a history of raw horsepower. Many times they can pull the win by simple brute force. This could be what we see here with Fermi and the 5xxx series cards.  As the time gets closer to the date of the launch and availability more information should be out about the cards.  Of course as with all company provided information I will take that with a very skeptical eye until I see the card siting in a system in my lab.