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Logitech releases more affordable G19 keyboard: meet the G110

It seems that Logitech found the golden path to earning a lump sum on their gaming products. Just like graphics card manufacturers, Logitech is introducing a high end model and then driving the technology down to more affordable pricing levels.

With the introduction of G15 keyboard few years ago, Logitech started a revolution in gaming keyboard department, and followed that keyboard with G11, also known as "G15 without the LCD display". This didn’t continue with the second revision of G15, but today Logitech revealed G110, a "G19 without LCD display".

Logitech G110 keyboard: meet G19 Lite

G110 brings all the features of G19 keyboard without the quite expensive color display [320×240], such as powered USB 2.0 hub, custom color key lighting or on-the-fly macro recording. Personally, I own a G19 keyboard and I found that the best feature is custom color keys – you can set almost any shade of color you like, and if you change computers and computer cases, the keyboard will fit your mood or hardware components perfectly: own an ATI card? No problem, set at bright red. Own an nVidia card? You’re outta luck with green. Love your Intel CPU? Blue goes from marine to terrible light blue Intel painted that IDF demo case for Larrabee 😉 The colors can go between red and blue, including yellow and orange.

The good part about this keyboard is the fact that it includes a USB sound subsystem, since you can connect your headphones and microphone directly to the keyboard. If you do that, your on-board sound system and the speaker setup remain intact, as the applications will automatically address the "on-keyboard audio". We had on-board and discrete audion, and with G110 the world is seeing the birth of "on-keyboard audio". Hmmm… I really wonder what will come next.

Unfortunately, the price is set on the same level as the original G15 keyboard, and no – you don’t get LCD display with this one. Yes, as we implied – same as the old G15 keyboard – you need to shell out 99.00 USD in North America and 79.99 EUR in EMEA region. Still, that’s much cheaper from the $199.99 / ?179.99 price set by G19 keyboard.