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CoolIT launches universal liquid cooler for AMD GPUs


AMD’s Technology Forum & Exhibition is annual event organized by AMD in Taipei, Taiwan. Designed to strengthen the relationship between AMD and cooling partners, AMD TFE is the place to see the latest development which may or may not end up in current and future generations of graphics cards. For instance, last year we heard AMD signing up Celsia for Vapor chamber technology.

This year, CoolIT takes the cake with the launch of its OMNI Universal Liquid Cooling setup. OMNI ULC is a setup combining one or two blocks with a dual 120mm radiator with built-in pump. What makes cold plates special is the fact that these parts were developed closely with AMD and support not just ATI Radeon HD 5870, but also should have no problems supporting graphics cards from the past and more importantly, from the future. The launched cold plates were mounted on a dual ATI Evergreen setup [ Radeon HD 5000 series], but according to AMD and CoolIT, the setup will support future graphics cards with no issues, most notably the 6000 series and probably 7000. If all things go according to plan, this should be first certified future-proof liquid cooling setup.

CoolIT Omni Universal Liquid Cooling setup - not the position of the pump
CoolIT Omni Universal Liquid Cooling in complete form- note the location of the pump

When it comes to performance, this setup should enable significant overclocks of Radeon HD 5870, but with the device being in prototype phase it will be a while before we see a retail unit. If CoolIT Systems are anything to go by, our take would be the retail product launch on upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas.
According to Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems key to achieving performance was "an ultra reliable, brazed heat exchanger to ensure that it will provide excellent performance for years to come." We expect great deal of this product, especially if the company decides to bundle 1GPU+1CPU option in a closed loop setup. That deal could win a lot of customers, especially on the OEM side. We only hope that the company will use top-grade silent fans, since the last thing liquid cooling needs are – loud fans. For pure, yet silent performance I still use Papst 120mm fans – they’re silent, yet pump air like there’s no tomorrow. Pleasant surprises also come from GELID and Noctua.

The plates look mighty, but we feel CoolIT should have gone with the red stripe. What do you think?
The plates look mighty, but we feel CoolIT should have gone with the red stripe. What do you think?

But this project would not be possible if AMD didn’t change its ways. Prior to AMD’s Evergreen event on USS Hornet, we sat down with several AMD executives and discussed the relations not just with product partners, but product technology as well. We were informed that AMD made great progress and started to listen to partners, creating a stable eco system. This was one of things that ATI people needed to screw inside AMD heads, and now the company is breathing in unison. Or at least, ATI executives are running a lot of key positions.

We liked hearing the fact that cooler mounts between 4870 and 5870 are compatible, and that trend is set to continue in the future generations. We were also disclosed the thermal budgets that AMD sets for their components and the engineering jokes about "what could we do if you give us 10W more for the GPU thermal budget" reminded me of All White Meat Chicken commercials by 3dfx in the distant past . Luckily, AMD’s chip does both games and works on creating that infamous all white meat chicken. Personally, I would opt for flying [you still haven’t clicked on that link and watched the video? Shame on you!].

On this years’ TFE – that eco-system and positive relationship became areality. CoolIT Systems is the first company to officially launch [andplants to ship very soon] a cooling setup that officially supports theproduct family for which the rumors didn’t even start to spread yet. We can’t wait seeing the product live.