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VisionTek teams up with Bigfoot, launches Killer Xeno Pro network card

Just like nVidia decided the time has come to expand into fields beyond graphics, an AMD/ATI partner is doing the same. After securing further funding, VisionTek Products LLC ran in silent mode as the company was preparing its new "beyond graphics" approach, signing contracts with companies that will support the push beyond North America.

Unlike majority of graphics AIB [Add-In-Board manufacturer], VisionTek decided to go aggressive and expand beyond the core market. Given that the recession shook up world of AIBs to the core, Mr. Michael Innes, COO and EVP stated to us that the company is only ramping up, with many news coming in the next couple of months. The first contract is now signed and made public, as VisionTek and Bigfoot Networks decided to team up and offer Killer NIC technology. VisionTek will manufacture and sell Killer Xeno Pro network card, oriented towards gamers.

Bigfoot Networks Killer Xeno Pro now gets VisionTek's logoTruth to be told, we found the original Killer NIC to be one of invaluable tools on a multi-purpose rig, gaming online, downloading gaming clients, having multiple conversations on popular chat clients – all that would slow even the fastest machine, as the number of open connections would tax the CPU, courtesy of not just software NICs that dominate the scene, but the fact that Windows network stack can easily give up the ghost if you overdo it.

VisionTek’s Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Card [short name for a product] aims to cure that. Now using a PCI Express x1 interface, this Bigfoot Networks-designed GbE card comes with a significantly improved software package than the first generation and now partners such as VisionTek can go and pitch the product to the mainstream gaming market.

We expect to see this product in our Lab soon, pitching it against conventional network NICs, but against the first generation product as well. All in all, a pretty good new beginning for VisionTek, but somehow we feel that this announcement is just a first in a series of announcements that should put the company back on the map and hopefully [for them] expand from North America to Europe. We will reserve our opinion until we see the new generation of products from the company.