GeoCities closing for good today


Exactly 10 years after Yahoo acquired GeoCities for a hefty sum of 3.57 billion USD [in YHOO stock], Geocities is shutting down tonight at midnight Pacific Time [8AM GMT in Europe on 27th].

The company started in 1994 as a small ISP dubbed Beverly Hills Internet by David Bohnett and John Rezner. Meanwhile, David turned into a philanthropist and an investor in promising internet startups. Back at the day, free internet hosting was something you could only dream off, and GeoCities offered 6MB of webspace, considered "infinite storage back then". GeoCities divided interests into "cities", such as "Hollywood", "SiliconValley", "New York" and so on.

Sites such as AnandTech started its existence there, before turning into multi-million visitor portals? but unfortunately, that was not the destiny for GeoCities. Acquired by Yahoo in 1999, it looked like neither Yahoo nor GeoCities have the idea how to develop the hosting service. For a site that coined the term weblog, we are disappointed that the company didn’t become "MySpace before MySpace" or "Facebook before Facebook"? or to be closer to their business model – "Wordpress instead of WordPress".

Staying the same service provided in 1994 just couldn’t cut it and what could have been GeoCities turn into MySpace and WordPress. Another Internet pioneer dies, but unfortunately for them – Yahoo and Geocities have only themselves to blame. 3.57 billion dollar acquisition is worth nothing today.