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TSMC to invest six billion USD in two "GigaFabs"


Before the world economy went into the deepest dive since the great depression, TSMC announced their plans to invest 10 billion dollars into their manufacturing process "in order to beat Intel".

Yes, TSMC was gunning high on the success of their 65nm and 55nm processes, capable of producing chips with much more transistors that AMD or Intel were producing, and the company wanted to set the pace for 32nm ["We are going to ship first 32nm chip before others do" – statement by Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Chairman, 2008], 28nm half-node and 22nm. The economic crisis had a hard impact on plans, but TSMC came out with their plan earlier today.

According to the company, TSMC will invest up to six billion dollars in two foundries [TSMC likes to call them GigaFabs]- Fab 12, located in Hsinchu Science Park in northern Taiwan and Fab 14, located in Tainan Science Park in southern Taiwan. Do note that Fab 12 will receive lion’s share of six billion investments – with up to five billion dollars going into this facility, considered to be TSMC’s flagship facility [R&D Fab]. According to information we have at hand, Fab 12 is serving for 45/40nm, 28nm, 22nm and 16nm processes.

These 300mm wafer facilities are planned to output 35,000 wspm [wafer starts per month] each by the end of 2011. This would bring up the capacity of up to 840.000 wspm, or a proper answer to GlobalFoundries launch of Fab 2 M1 in Saratoga County, NY [opening in 2012, 35.000 wspm by the end of 2013].