xpphone: Windows XP arrives on an AMD-based cellphone


The In Technology Group Limited released the first pictures of the "Dial-Up" interface of their upcoming xpphone. This new phone is being touted as the first phone to use a real version of Windows XP for its base OS. This is possible due to the fact that xpphone is the first phone to use a real x86 CPU. Instead of the usual ARM architecture, In Technology Group has put what they are calling an "AMD Super Mobile CPU" it is capable of having up to 1GB of RAM, up to a 64GB SSD or a 120GB HDD.

xpPhone features

In Technology Group tags the xpphone with the line "Mobile phone technology of a laptop computer." They make the claim that the xpphone can combine all the functions of the of a Laptop, GPS and a full featured mobile phone. On top of that they aim to allow for full VoIP functions on the xpphone.

Until now very little detail has been released to the press [and hencethe public] about how the phone will work. As of this morning they have given us the first images [and information] on the communications user interface.
The new UI is pretty slick looking. When you open it up it is like launching a complete new Phone OS.

Does this look like Windows XP to you? A completely new GUI sits on top of Windows XP kernel The phone controls are very easy to navigate - we like the loudness slide.

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The main screen [pictured above] contains easy to use and understand icons that allow foreasy access to all of your installed communications applications. Thesecan include Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and many more.

Incoming Call / Message Phone book is easy to navigate - do note the type of call you want to make [conventional cellphone or skype IP call]

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The incoming call screen is informative [although I hope they allow youto tag it contacts with pictures] as are the message screen, phonebook, and call log. A nice feature of the call log and phone book isthe ability to dial out over VoIP without needing to launch a differentapplication. You simply have an "IP Dial" option now.

The rest of the UI is also nicely done – once you hit the phone itself In Technology have done something pretty cool, you can actually dial in landscape mode. Now I know this does not sound like a big deal but it is still handy to have and as far as I know it is the only phone to allow this type of dialing [I know the iPhone won’t].

With that we will leave you with the rest of the images of the new xpphone UI. We hope to get one of these in our hands to test for you soon.

Call Settings Call Forward options, type and strength of the signal

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