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EVGA launches its Halloween GTX 275 + GTS 250 Co-OP card

As we exclusively revealed here, EVGA unveiled its Halloween PhysX card. Even though the launch party is being held at nVidia’s campus in Santa Clara later today [starting at 5PM PST], nVidia itself had nothing to do in creation of this card. This is a product that is pure example of EVGA’s engineering strength.

In fact, EVGA did something logical – took the single PCB GTX 295, removed one GTX 275 GPU and its associated memory and build in a GTX 250 card. Known from now on as GeForce GTX 275 Co-Op PhysX, this long board features GTX 275 GPU clocked at 633 MHz [a bit down from expected 648 MHz], while GTS 250 is ticking at 738 MHz. The 240 cores from GTX275 work at 1.30 GHz, while 128 cores on GTS 250 tick at 1.84 GHz. The memory is also divided into two banks, with GTX275 featuring 896MB of frame buffer memory at 1136 MHz DDR [2.27 GT/s] and 384MB at 1.1 GHz DDR [2.2 GT/s], resulting in 127 + 52.8 GB/s of overall bandwidth. This makes up for a grand total of 1.28 GB, a new unusual number.

EVGA GTX 275 Co-Op PhysX: We were off by positioning of the chips, but nothing else...
EVGA GTX 275 Co-Op PhysX: Our mockup was off by positioning of the chips, but nothing else…

The rest of the board is your typical GTX 295: nearly identical cooler, one PCI Express bridge less and that’s about that. The board is compatible for pairing in 2-Way and 3-Way SLI, but not just with boards of its kind. According to the company, the product should support mixing with GTX 275 and GTX 295 boards. Price is set at $349.99, and you can find Batman: Arkham Asylum bundled with the card.

In a way, we feel that with this product, nVidia came up full circle with the G80 architecture and G92 architectural refresh. From high-end boards to serving as a co-processor.