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AMD execs have a Vision

At their Financial Analyst Day, AMD shared their vision of the company?s future with the audience. VISION, coincidentally is their new logo or branding attempt. It is intended to simplify purchasing for the consumer in the retail environment. The motto is: "see, share, create".

Notebook Segmentation in 2012 as AMD sees it - notice how netbooks are "rising to power"
Notebook Segmentation in 2012 as AMD sees it – notice how netbooks are "rising to power"

Vision consists of three levels: Vision, Vision Premium, and Vision Ultimate, all aimed at the digital entertainment experience. Vision Black was not mentioned at all, which leads us to conclusion that it will have to wait until AMD prepares its DirectX 11 generation of mobile parts codenamed Manhattan and the high-end GPU named Broadway [Mobility Radeon HD 5800].

By combining processor greatness and a graphics "wow" factor, AMDshowed us how Vision hits the mark with crystal clear, vibrant images.The basic version increases your enjoyment of surfing the web, sharingparty photos, or watching your favorite DVD for the eight time. WithVision Premium, you can enjoy Blu-ray and HD videos, convert CD?s toMP3, and use a web cam. The highest level in the series, VisionUltimate, lets you mix and edit music, and delivers "sweat inducing 3Dgaming". All this with high quality surround sound.

AMD Vision Branding - first three variants
AMD Vision Branding – first three variants. We won’t see the fourth version until 2010.

Nigel Dessau, AMD?s chief marketing officer, explained that the Vision logo was developed to help retailers differentiate products for the confused shopper. All the clerk has to ask is: "What do you want to do with your computer?" Now, most AMD-involved SKU?s will be branded with the Vision tier they fit into. The only variant on the logo is allowed in China where Chinese characters representing "see, feel" were added. The single brand logo went into effect with the introduction of Microsoft Windows 7 which utilizes AMD products supporting DirectX 11. AMD intends to extend Vision to net tops next year.

Dessau, in keeping with the Game Has Changed theme of the presentations, told us that the move is from work load to usage, from benchmarks to experience. AMD?s strategy is looking to fulfill the needs of their customers and help them be successful. They feel that the user experience is driving sales more than benchmarking. AMD?s goal is to improve the user?s experience.

AMD's CMO Nigel Dessau explaining how AMD Fusion partner program works
AMD’s CMO, Mr. Nigel Dessau explains how AMD Fusion partner program works and what are the benefits

The AMD marketing strategy is, of course, profitability, which they hope to achieve by focusing on the brand, and server, client markets; executing an upgraded channel structure; and transforming their marketing organization into a world class entity. They are re-engineering their marketing budget to improve return on investment. Instead of talking about processors, at least in the marketing arena, they?ll start talking about usage. To that end, the AMD website has a check box model to help you choose which of the three Vision offerings works best for how you use a computer.