A cellphone with Windows 7? xpPhone now features Win7, 5MP Camera


Ok so the xPphone is looking like it will be a pretty great product right? Well today things just got better. We have been informed that you can even get your xpPhone with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. According to news from ITG the xpPhone will be released with the option to customize it right out of the gate. It is capable of supporting multiple wireless and cellular standards [including be extended to 4G LTE technology]. A very welcomed feature is also the ability to run multiple SIM cards – that’s what a true multi-threaded cellphone should be able to do, yet only Samsung was known to manufacture such a phone [and it wasn’t a smartphone].

But the fun does not stop there; you can order your xpphone with up to a 7-inch screen [1024×600 resolution] and a 5 MegaPixel camera. Other options include support for up to 2GB DDR of system memory, 120GB HDD and up to a 64GB SSD [as previously listed].

But even with that I think the coolest new feature is the choices of operating systems.  You can opt for MS DOS, Windows XP [Home, Professional or Embedded] and even Windows 7. Although ITG does not list the version we are going to make the assumption here that it is either the starter or basic edition of Windows 7 that will be made available through the xpphone.

I can say that when this product hits the market it stands a very real chance of changing the smartphone and UMD game. Of course, ITG still has to actually get it to the market.  We will bring you more information as we get it. If you are interested there is a custom order form available on the xpPhone site.

The very interesting development with this project is the 2011 arrival of AMD’s Fusion processors, most notable the Bobcat architecture. It isn’t entirely impossible to see a downclocked Ontario APU inside a future xpPhone, bringing DirectX 11 capabilities as well. Truth to be told, with xpPhone supporting Windows 7, we wonder should ITG consider a name change for the next generation? After all, 7Phone should be easier to pronounce than "xpPhone".