YouTube HD becomes YouTube FHD – 1080P!

Starting next week, YouTube will offer an option to upload 1080P videos to their site for True HD viewing. For many of us HD video enthusiasts out there, the only real HD is 1080P or higher.

This is contrary to some sites who slap the HD moniker on anything they want. Before this change, the highest possible resolution you could upload to YouTube was 720P, which was by all means nice but nowhere as nice as 1080P. This move forward indicates that YouTube expects there to be more and more 1080P resolution computer monitors out there, which we would tend to agree with them considering the amount of 20,21,22,23, and 24 inch monitors out there that now support 1080P or higher.

Having the ability to play 1080P may not mean much to many, but to those who have 1080P content this means another means of distributing their HD content without having to spend money on resources hosting that content. This means that we will most likely see more people going out and buying 1080P resolution monitors and cameras in order to be able to best make use of this feature.

Also, since this is 1080P it will put quite a heavy load on your CPU. So if you have an old computer with an HD monitor, expect to see stuttering unless you buy something that is at least a quadcore.

YouTube blog:
"We’re excited to say that support for watching 1080p HD videos in full resolution is on its way. Starting next week, YouTube’s HD mode will add support for viewing videos in 720p or 1080p, depending on the resolution of the original source, up from our maximum output of 720p today.

As resolution of consumer cameras increases, we want to make sure YouTube is the best home on the web to showcase your content. For viewers with big monitors and a fast computer, try switching to 1080p to get the most out of the fullscreen experience.

Just how much larger is 1080p? Take a look at the following screenshots from this video:
Have an HD camera? We would love to see your awesome 1080p videos! Be creative and choose subjects that really show off the beauty of your camera. We will run the best examples on our homepage in a future spotlight.

And those of you who have already uploaded in 1080p, don’t worry. We’re in the process of re-encoding your videos so we can show them the way you intended."

All we can say is that this couldn?t have come soon enough and that we cannot wait until next week when this option is available. This is mainly due in part to the fact that we at BSN* are capable of 4K and being able to upload 1080P content simply means that we can deliver even higher quality video to our readers. We are going to have an exciting announcement coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more news [and content]. 😉