Introducing BSN* "Short Attention Span" Reviews

"According to experts the average person has an attention span of about 20 minutes. This means that for the most part if you cannot engage someone, and I mean actively engage, with a product or software you are on the losing end."

To test this out, we at BSN will be starting a new section called, "Short Attention Span Reviews."  These will be for the initial testing of games, software, and hardware that require a "getting used to" period.
These reviews will be straight to the point; there will be no deep discussion about the design, development or many of the things that you have gotten used to with our in-depth product reviews.

Instead they are very consumer oriented and will offer you an idea of usability, out-of-the-box performance and in the case of games how good game play is. After all if a game is slow and boring in the first 30 minutes 90% of people will never play past that point. So be on the lookout for these from time to time as new items hit the market. We will do our best to get them and give you a quick, down and dirty view of these products and also provide a follow on for a more complete view of the product or software when it is warranted.

Reviews will cover the following;

  • Initial Impression [Packaging, contents etc]
  • Installation and setup for first use
  • Potential problems with installation or missing pieces
  • Performance for a total of 30 minutes of use
  • Final impressions
  • Was it all worth it?

With these in mind our last section will cover the dreaded buyer’s remorse. If after our 30 minute test we feel that it is likely we would have returned the product we will be sure to let you know [and will follow on with a more complete evaluation to be fair]. We will be also introducing several new in-depth review types, such as our 30 day evaluation, 180 day evaluation and 365 day evaluation. Just like "Short Attention Span" reviews, these extended ones will focus on reviewer’s experience with the product, rather than seeing benchmark results [we will include those as well].