Asus H57 based board smiles for the camera


With Clarkdale coming you just know that the big players in the motherboard world are going to be gunning to be the first out of the gate with their own H55/H57 based motherboards. These new boards will support the external connections for the On-package GPU that comes with the 32nm Clarkdale CPUs.

BSN* has gotten a few nice shots of the P7H57D-V EVO offering from Asus that is due to come out around the same time that Clarkdale hits the streets. It is following the same lines as it?s P55 brothers and will have both SATA 3.0 [6GB/s] and USB 3.0. No word on pricing or when it will launch but we will bring you thank information as soon as we get it.

But enough of that lets take a look at those pictures.


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