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UPDATE: Croatian blogger starts a 24 hour non-stop blog marathon


In today’s world, it is hard to believe that there is anyone who at least once haven’t watched or heard about reality shows such as Big Brother, Survivor, "XYZ Country Got Talent, Simon Cowell Got $$$" and pretty much everyone knows about "people’s journalism", weblogs i.e. blogging. The question is – how would those two looked together in just one day?

Besides his day job as a journalist at one of most popular Croatian web portals [, owned by T-Com – also available in English] – Croatian blogger Boris Radosevic also runs a blog called Being enthusiast for all sorts of gadgets, Boris decided to do something we haven’t heard before. From midnight to midnight, Boris initiated a blog marathon – 24 hours of nonstop blogging with as much stories as possible. You can follow his 24 hour endeavor on a live stream courtesy of or through Gadgeterija’s Twitter page. Naturally, you can visit the blog – but be warned that the content is in Croatian.

There is also live chat available through Ustream, and you’re free to ping the author. As Boris said "It’s my goal to write interesting as interesting articles as possible in a period of 24 hours."

Will he succeed? 14 hours in, things are looking promising, publishing 32 gadget-related stories so far. Boris, may the force of caffeine and taurine be with you.

Update #1 November 28, 2009 23:03 GMT – Ed’s note: With the arrival of midnight CET, Mr. Radosevic ended his 24 hour blogathon. During that time, he completed and published no less than 50 stories, a remarkable achievement. The stories serve as an excellent weekend recap, for those that speak the lingo, of course. Again, we congratulate to Boris for his dedication and funny comments we heard since we started listening to the stream.