Preview: The largest in-case PSU ever? Ultra X4 1600W

As the name suggests, the X4 series is the successor to the very successful X3 series. But after latter X3 units failed to excite the market, Ultra went back to the drawing board and released their X4 Series which gained accolades in the initial reviews. We spoke with Ultra and decided to wait until the company is ready with its flagship 1600W, which was promised for end of November. And really, in the dying days of November we received a package that was nothing short of breathtaking.

Delivery box for Ultra's X1600W is really large
Delivery box for Ultra’s X1600W is really large – but at least it is well protected against any type of throws

Measuring in at a whopping 50 x 37 x 23 centimeter [19.7 x 14.6 x 9 inches] the box is huge – we’ve added a boxed Intel Core i7 processor for size comparison. Inside the wrapping the Ultra X4 1600W unit is shipped in a large cardboard box, keeping everything firmly in place and protected during transport. Each possible angle of the box is filled with any information about features, specifications and connectors.

We’d have to admit that at first glance our lab in Copenhagen thought someone had shipped a piece of furniture over, but no. It actually is a power supply. The monstrous 1.6 kilowatt X4. Once you get the box opened, you will find lots of extras: Rubber vibration dampener, a user manual, black cable ties, mounting screws and thumbscrews. Shipped alongside the power supply unit is also a seemingly endless bundle of cables, packed in a Velcro-enclosed bag.

To properly illustrate the sheer size of this monster, have a look at the following image, where we compared it to normal, ATX sized Mushkin 650W and formerly "massive" Silverstone Zeus 1200W power supply:

Left to right: ATX sized PSU from Mushkin, eATX size from SilverStone, and WTX-sized PSU from Ultra
Left to right: ATX sized PSU from Mushkin, eATX size from SilverStone, and WTX-sized PSU from Ultra

Yes, Ultra is larger than Zeus. Given that Zeus 1200W is somewhat a "darling" for extreme overclockers, we are really geared up for seeing Ultra’s PSU in action. We have used several Zeus PSUs over the course of years and the power supply proved much better than units which are 1200W only on paper, such as Topower’s 1200W PSU which fried three Zotac GeForce GTX 280 graphics cards.

It should be noted that the Ultra Power Supplies are shipped with a 3 year warranty, which can be upgraded to full lifetime warranty by simply registering online at the Ultra website.