New time-disappearing site launched: MovieClips.com


A new site has launched today and as you can imagine, it?s called MovieClips.com. What makes this site unique is that this is not one of those user generated content sites. This site gets all of their content DIRECTLY from the studios. This results in the videos not being removed from sites like YouTube when one of those studios claims ownership of the video and YouTube takes it down.

Click to launch MovieClips.com [opens in new tab/window]. Chuck Norris approved!Currently, the company launching this site has licensing agreements with 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. As a result of this, one can imagine that the site needs to pay for these licensing agreements.

So, naturally these are to be paid for by advertisements. The beauty of this collection is that you have approximately 12,000 available clips [with most being up to 2 minutes long] available at hand to allow you to share those video clips with friends and family. In our short time reviewing the site we noticed that the already support Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many other link sharing sites. Another cool feature is movie trivia that users can generate about any film that the clip they are watching is from and they can also comment on videos as well. So it allows for a more in-depth interaction with the movie and with other users. If having these features doesn?t really excite you too much, we would tend to agree. But there is a great feature that allows you to mouse over a thumbnail of a video and watch the video in that thumbnail so you can decide if that?s the video you want without having to open a new page.

Here is a snippet of their PR talking about their company.
"MOVIECLIPS.com was created by movie fans for movie fans," said Co-Founder and CEO Zach James. "Our goal was to build a place where we could easily find, watch, and share all the best movie scenes. Our content partners are incredible. They made it possible for us to build the greatest collection of licensed movie clips online today. It?s pretty cool to be able to send a clip from Sixteen Candles to my sister on her birthday or a Wayne?s World ?Party on!? clip to my friends on a Friday night."

The MOVIECLIPS? player can be embedded in social networks like Facebook and MySpace, and shared on blogs, Twitter and other personal websites. Thousands of movie clips and dozens of new features will be added to MOVIECLIPS over the coming months.

We also noticed that there are no options for high quality video, which means that all of the videos are to be watched at basically the same bit-rate quality uniformly. This may be due in part to the fact that almost every single movie clip you view has a tab that allows you to buy that video on Amazon or iTunes. Clearly, the studios hope that such a website and business model may help them combat piracy and potentially increase income. What we found the most ironic was the fact that MovieClips has hosted their video on YouTube, the very site they are trying to steal traffic from.

In my opinion, if these guys want to steal traffic from YouTube they should really considering upgrading their video quality because nobody wants to watch videos in low quality in the days of 1080P YouTube videos. Especially if they have to watch an advertisement and they still only get to watch a short clip up to two minutes long. On a final note, I recently watched the movie 2012 and they surprisingly had an over 4 minute clip of one of the most CGI intense parts of the film and it was extremely heavily edited, so one must keep this in mind when watching certain videos on movieclips.com.