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Robin Williams: A Hard-Core Gamer


If you hear that somebody named their kids after characters from video games, what would you think about them? Robin Williams, celebrity actor, great comedian and a hard-core gamer did just that.

In a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon TV show, Robin openly spoke about his love for gaming including the part where he named his daughter upon a character from The Legend of Zelda. Following this interview his daughter Zelda Williams posted a comment on Twitter: “For future references yes, I was named after the video game but no, my brother is not named ‘Mario’.”

Dad’s love for videogames transpired into lives of Zachary [oldest son] and Cody [youngest son] as well.

Who's cooler now? If you are a Mac, you have to admit you look silly now. Guy on the right: talent yes, charisma - not exactly. ;)It’s well known that Williams was hooked on video games for almost 30 years now, but not a lot of people know that Robin would qualify as a hard-core PC gamer, spending nights playing WarCraft III, the Call of Duty series and way back, the original Unreal Tournament. What was not mentioned in the short interview was that Williams loves to assemble systems himself, and if you’re a “fanATIc”, you should be pleased to know that Robin Williams is a fan of ATI graphics cards. We’ve been hearing for years that first ATI — now AMD — tried to get Robin Williams for a gig during the product launch.

The biggest problem being the price required by his agency. Then again, AMD had no sense of humor for canceling the infamous “Dating Tips for Geeks” by Richard Huddy. One might feel that this bit of information is “scroogeish” behavior on the side of AMD but don’t forget that renting an aircraft carrier for the ATI Evergreen launch had a smaller price tag than renting the Satellite Internet for USS Hornet. In any case, AMD can continue hoping that Williams will actually do a performance once for them, unless he discovers Nvidia or Intel first. Naturally, EA had no quarrels to get Robin Williams for the hilarious Spore launch but then again, it is the same company that suffered losses for 11 quarters and fired a ton of game developers.

Getting back to Williams, besides playing games on Microsoft Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, his gaming rigs are something every enthusiast would dream about. Williams wasn’t stranger to extreme cooling methods either, but again due to limitations of what Robin can say in public, not a lot is known about his hobby. In any case, we are working to get an interview with him as well, but probably we need to grow in order of magnitude.