Otterbox puts color into the Commuter TL Case for iPhone 3G [S]


Not too long ago we told you about the new Otterbox Commuter TL. At that time, although it was a great case it lacked something, maybe it was a sense of style or personality or maybe it was that is only came in black. Well now things have changed; the Commuter and Commuter TL come in a small variety of colors. Today we will take a look at the Pink and Yellow flavors of the Otterbox Commuter TL. But we will look at it from the view of one of the largest group of consumers of the iPhone; the 15-21 year old group. So with that we introduce our newest contributor Ms. Elizabeth Bennett and her impression of the new Otterbox Commuter TL Color pack.

The Packaging on the Otterbox Commuter TL, with the new variety of colors, is much the same as the Otterbox Commuter TL [without the colors]. It is a very easy case to get off and get to the product. It is clear so you can see what color of Commuter TL you are getting. In fact, the packaging is so easy to get into someone could easily steal the Commuter TL; fortunately, most stores would staple the outside packaging so it would be more difficult to steal.

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On the back of the packaging there is a description of the Commuter TL and a list of what you get inside: hard shell for the backside of your iPhone, screen protector and the rubber "skin". In general the Packaging for the Color Pack of the Commuter TL is identical to the original, meaning that the packaging follows the decades old school of design: Keep It Simple Salesman.
Commuter TL Now in Color!
The Otterbox Commuter TL is a fairly simple product to use. It has a hard, clear back to it as you can see in the pictures below and it is also very wide. You can still see the bright colors through this back piece quite well. Not to take away from the mystique of owning an Apple product Otterbox has put a small window so you can still see the little bitten apple and don?t fret there is still a little hole for the little camera.

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The colors of the Commuter TL now comes in are black, blue, green, pink, and red, white, yellow. Whichever color it is that represents your personality, for me it would definably be a neon color [or Purple if they ever make one that color]. 

I am exasperated that the Commuter TL does not fit the IPhone 2G. As you see in the photos; the Commuter TL does not go on the IPhone 2G as well as the 3G and 3GS. It would be nice if the manufacturers would remember that there are still a large number of original iPhones out in the world and continue to make accessories for these phones. Now teenagers of parents that get the new iPhone 3G and 3G S that get the "hand-me-down" 2G iPhones are left out in the cold.

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The addition of colors to the Commuter TL product line adds a sense of style to an already attractive product. The Commuter TL?s colors are bright enough so that is catches your eye but not bright enough that it hurts your eyes.

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The Commuter TL?s performance works well for the 3G and 3GS; if you were to try to put the Commuter TL on the 2G the buttons would be a little off and it would not fit as snuggly as on the 3GS. It has great drop protection due to the clear plastic back cover. It is not as bulky as the Defender and you still can see the shape of the iPhone. The inclusion of color has not diminished the enhanced grip either the Commuter TL still has a solid feel in your hand.

The Commuter TL will cost you $29.99 no matter the color you want. This is a great price for what you are getting with one small exception. I wish you were able to only buy the colored "gel" inserts at a reduced cost [say around $15]. This would let you have a range of colors and allow you to choose you color based on the mood you are in.

The Commuter TL is a nice case for the iPhone, if you have the 3G or 3G S. If you are like me and stuck with the 2G for now you might not have much use for it. Still if you are looking for a good case to add you own style to your iPhone 3G [S] then Otterbox has a good choice for you with the Commuter TL. Personally, I would not go to the store just to buy one for myself because I don?t like having a case on my phone I would rather have it just naked. Still, when I do finally get a 3G or 3G S I will probably consider one of Otterbox? s cases if not actually buy the Commuter TL.