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NTFS Drive Recovery copies HDD Mechanic

We came across an interesting PR release in my inbox the other day. The PR release was basically a simple announcement that [can you guess the link to its website?] has released Drive Recovery, which if you have two brain cells to rub together, you?ve already figured out is some sort of data recovery software – which it is. So far nothing new, just another boring PR story, right? There are a lot of hard drive [HDD] recovery software programs on the market. A simple Google search for hard drive recovery software returns 21,400,000 results. There was something different about this one, but I couldn?t put my finger on it at first.

What caught my eye was the language in the PR release. No, it wasn?t foul or obscene [though some harmless profanity certainly would?ve livened things up a bit]. Drive Recovery features the same feature set as HDD Mechanic  as well as the exact same price points. Aside from the free trial download, both Drive Recovery and HDD Mechanic will set you back $139.95 for the consumer version, $219.95 for the business version and $399.95 for the professional license for data recovery firms. Unless Data Recovery is really just a pirated version of HDD Mechanic, the fact that Data Recovery is nearly a carbon copy feature-wise is no big deal – especially if is licensed to rebrand Recovery Mechanic?s product(s). I did not download and test the software because luckily I have no drives needing recovered.

Considering how many options there in the recovery market – especially cheaper ones – we question the logic of releasing yet another software program in yet another crowded field. Did the company renamed the product on a ghost site to increase its presence in search results or something fishy is at hand? We’re very curious as to how well will do with their new product.