Limited OCZ Cryo-Z run is almost sold out at FrozenCPU

Our friends at X-bitLabs broke the news that OCZ Technology finally started to ship their long-delayed Phase Change Cooler. Naturally, we got quite interested this extreme overclocking-related product from OCZ, so we contacted OCZ’s spokesperson to find out more.

Our main question was whether OCZ is shipping a new run or even a new revision of its Cryo-Z phase change cooling solution as may be implied in the afore mentioned article or is OCZ merely clearing out old stock from 2006-2008 production runs and to inquire about availability. Bear in mind that this product raised quite a stir when Editor-in-Chief published a story that OCZ canceled Cryo-Z way back in June 2007. Unfortunately, this came true as OCZ didn’t launch the part and the interest winded down.

When asked for a statement, OCZ told us that the company did indeed put out a press release where the units that OCZ kept on stock were sold to FrozenCPU, e-store that created the updated adapters. Following the manufacturing of those adapters, FrozenCPU put them out and sold them almost immediately. In a way, not exactly a story of how OCZ resurrected the long-awaited Cryo-Z, but rather a story how the company cleaned up old stock. Those lucky owners now own a piece of computing history – something akin to purchasing a F1 engine.

FrozenCPU.com went on and created a new mount for the phantom of vapor chamber cooling, OCZ's Cryo-Z
FrozenCPU.com went on and created a new mount for the phantom of vapor chamber cooling, OCZ’s Cryo-Z

As of the end of the business day Friday, December 11, 2009, FrozenCPU.com has moved all of its Cryo-Z stock. On Cryo-Z product page at FrozenCPU, sixteen units are available for pre-order on Dec. 20, 2009 at a cost of $379.99 plus shipping and tax [where applicable]. If interested, it would be wise to place your order now before all preorder units are spoken for.