Cooler Master announces new USP 100 chassis and PSU combo

Cooler Master?s new Universal System P100 or USP 100 is an "enthusiast ready" mid-tower case with a included power supply carrying 550W of juice. Given that we’re not a big fan of bundled PSUs – we can tell you that Cooler Master’s PSU/Case combo looks quite decent, especially when compared to some of the other extremely cheap Case/PSU combos out there.

Cooler Master Universal System P100 i.e. USP100The thing that makes this combo such a great deal is the fact that this is a mid-tower case that can still handle high-end graphics cards. The wide body design of the case enables for 11 inches in video card length and over 6.5 inches in CPU cooler height – you should have no issues in putting a GeForce GTX or ATi Radeon 5800 series. Naturally, don’t think about putting that 13" beast named Radeon HD 5970 – this product is not intended for it. Overall, the chassis is 8.4 inches wide which is usually typical of full tower cases. Much like many of Cooler Master?s other cases; the USP 100 also boasts a CPU retention hole for easy installation of CPU coolers that require back plates. We certainly hope this will become a standard feature in cases as it makes your life much easier.

As for the power supply, it is powered by a Cooler Master 550W Extreme Power Plus PSU. This PSU retails for about 65 dollars online. What makes this important is the fact that the combo of both the case and PSU comes out to be an MSRP of $99. This means that the case itself may actually cost you $34 if you were already in the market for a PSU. Although some people may not be satisfied with a 550w and may look for a case only solution, the USP 100 is only available as a case and power supply combo. We foresee this combo being extremely attractive to anyone looking to build an affordable system that still wants to have quality power and case build quality. Finding a better deal than this, even during the holiday shopping season may be extremely hard.

As for the aesthetics, the case is almost all black with a red front panel with red fans and red LEDs. Overall, this seems to be another red/black themed case builds from Cooler Master going along with some of their other red/black cases like the Scout, HAF 932, HAF 922, and many others. The USP 100 will be available during the first quarter of 2010 in North America and Latin America, with Europe following later in the quarter.