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xpPhone [7-phone?] shows off browsing over 3G

We have been following the xpPhone for some time now. This is a new phone that is built around AMD’s ultra-mobile x86 CPU. Because of this the xpPhone is able to run a stock OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista [please don’t, Ed.] or Windows 7. Absolutely no need to endure standard cell phone limitation of running an embedded or light mobile OS that many smart phones out there. In fact you can get more than just Windows XP on the xpPhone; once it is publicly available [sometime in first half of 2010] you will even be able to get Windows 7 on your xpPhone.

But that is still some ways away. For right now In Technology Group LTD [ITG] is still getting all the needed certifications for release in the US and around the globe. But that has not stopped them from testing internally and dropping a video here and there.

This morning we received a video showing the xpPhone [running Windows XP Pro] browsing the internet and using MSN messenger over its 3G connection. But again this is little more than a teaser, we hope to get more concrete information on this product soon and are working to get a sample for an in-depth review as soon as they are available.