EVGA sneak peak of Dual LGA-1366 motherboard for CES 2010

From what appears to be a New Years Eve gift to hardware enthusiasts EVGA posted a snapshot of what appears to be a Dual Socketed 1366 motherboard. This is a departure from EVGA being a manufacturer of only single processor motherboards for consumers.

This is their first DP [Dual processor] board and we look forward to seeing this board at CES. From what we can gather this board will have 12 DIMM slots and Two Processor sockets and a Digital PWM similar to their popular overclocking Classified board. It will also have an Intel Tylersburg 5520 and two NF200’s which may indicate the possibility for 4 full width PCI-E 2.0 X16 graphics card slots. If anything, we don’t necessarily expect this board to be a server board, but we do expect this board to break a lot of records with being a Dual processor board and most likely enabling users to actually overclock them. This just wouldn’t be an EVGA board if it didn’t enable overclocking.

In the Twitter post EVGA wrote, "The Future… Stay Tuned CES 2010!"

Update 1/1/2010
We just got news of a new feature that this board will be supporting…

In addition to supporting dual processors and 12 DIMMs of memory, this board will also support EVGA’s proprietary handheld overclocking device, the EVBot. This device allows you to overclock the board on the fly without ever entering the BIOS.

We’ll definitely stay tuned and look forward to providing our readers with more pictures and details about this new board.