Intel Core i5 670 Cracks 6.9 GHz in CPU-Z


Tonight, the NDA for the Core i5 600 series had expired at 9PM PST and many review sites had released their reviews of the Clarkdale processor and GPU combination, including ourselves. Many sites including ours found this chip to be very overclockable on the CPU end of the chip. As a result, when the NDA expired for the reviews a few more details came out about the overclockability of these chips. The news came as a CPU-Z validation screen shot indicating an LN2 overclock from 3.47GHz up to 6.908 GHz just nearly missing the 200% overclock tickmark. In order to achieve these clocks, Thomas (Pt1t) from Belgium used an EVGA P55 FTW and an Nvidia 9800GT in addition to copious amounts of LN2.


As if these results were not enough, he also managed to achieve air overclocks of 5.4 GHz using a Biostar H55 motherboard.


These results, in addition to our review make us very excited to see what else may come of Intel?s 32nm process when it comes to overclockability.