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Toshiba fuses Cell CPU with TV: Meet "CELL TV"


The Toshiba press conference began with a discussion of their latest attempt to win the hearts of the electronics consumer. ESPN was the venue for a new ad campaign during college football broadcasts. Toshiba is sporting a new image in their ads that combines humor and entertainment. They are getting fans involved by having them vote for the innovative play of the week. The company says it is aligning itself with the passions of their customers, in the politically correct sense of the term.

Consumers are"green" aware, so Toshiba is planting trees, as well as creating eco-friendly products. They are proud of being a founding member of MRM, and being responsible for80,000  tons of recycling.

To address the passion of the attending Press, that of wanting to collect and carry all the technology they can stuff into one bag, Toshiba sponsored the carry-all we each were given for that purpose. However, they had more important items to address.  

Toshiba's new CEO on Cell-powered CELLTV

Toshiba?s new President and CEO, Mr. Atsushi Mudrasawa, addressed the press conference saying that CELL TV opens a whole new dimension of home entertainment."Toshiba will deliver the 3D experience to the home in 2010." That?s pretty ambitious when there is so little content for 3D TV just yet. But wait ? that has been addressed by the CELL TV which will convert 2D to 3D, be it movies, TV shows, or your own home movies. Its heart is the broadband processor. Mudrasawa claims it is 10 times faster than a PC, and they have put that cell engine into the CELLTV.

VP of the TV Group, Scott Ramirez, spoke of industry trends. It was thought that 2009 wouldn?t see growth, but there was 20 percent growth in LCD, even though revenue was down. The 32 inch and larger panels showed positive growth, but plasma sales were low."LCD is winning the TV game", he says."Pricing is coming down, like a ski slope. Yet, 52-inch-plus screens garner a higher price because of the LCD format." He says they have benefits people will pay for.

Ramirez sprinkled humor into a statistic-driven presentation, asking how many people?s 401K had become a 201K. These economic times have bought consumer value at the expense of industry profitability. People want to buy quality, and they shop for benefits and value.

Broadband and changing media choices are creating opportunities for design and form factor. Consumers want flat panel TV?s which fit into more rooms, and everything is moving towards connected devices. Applications must be unified and simple.

Toshiba touts itself as a multi-faceted company, and with products including semiconductors, digital, and TV the shoe fits. He says"processing makes the picture, and more so the experience, with Toshiba. They are announcing new TV series. CELL TV means that TV isn?t just a TV anymore.

CELL TV is (horn fanfare please) the world’s first LCD TV integrated with the Cell Broadband Engine, designed for superior multimedia processing, and the advanced CELL Platform. It delivers"art picture" HD image quality, enhanced navigation and seamless network interactivity, along with great audio. It is, of course, 3D, and promises future compatibility with 4K2K panels, and comes packaged in a new 65-inch model.

The CELL Platform supports the most advanced version of Toshiba’s SuperResolution technology. The CELL TV integrates a KIRA2 Panel specially designed to interface with the CELL TV’s high luminance LED. Enhanced edge detail and color saturation flows over to video downloads from the Internet. The system detects the noise compression of low-resolution Internet content. It separates and corrects the image making it sharper, clearer, and better suited to the larger screens.

ClearScan 480, where a light sensor sets picture parameters, fell short in one aspect ? the color of the surrounding light. Now, a color sensor adjusts to the color temperature, from the paint on the walls, to the lighting source, such as incandescent or other forms. With no wires to the wall, you can have multi room connectivity, USB movie playback, and video phone capability. How about video conferencing over IP in your home? The difference with Toshiba is, again, their SuperResolution technology. Images remain crystal clear at 55 inches.
Additionally, TriVector technology will transform anything you watch from 2D into 3D when viewed on CELL TV. Sports fans will enjoy the ESPN?s 3D channel."CELL TV is just MORE", according to Toshiba. It will evolve, and migrate. One by one the features might exist, but together it?s everything. Launched in the Japanese market as CELL REGZA in December 2009, it has been introduced to the US and the world at CES. According to Tosiba?s company spokespeople, CELL TV is powering the future.