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AMD sold Two Million DirectX11 GPUs!


AMD has reached the 2 million mark in selling its DX11 capable video cards which indicates their rapid lead that they have created over Nvidia. While this may not really sound like much of a big deal for a company the size of AMD, one must also take into consideration the obstacles that existed for AMD to get these cards out. First of all, the yeilds within TSMC were so bad that AMD didn’t really have any cards to show anyone.

AMD celebrated its success on the 55th floor of The Encore in Las Vegas, NV. Really tasty Zaphod, pardon, Hemlock
AMD celebrated its success on the 33rd floor of The Encore in Las Vegas, NV.

Then, as TSMC began to fix their 40nm process, AMD began to ramp up the production of their 5800 series. These cards still suffered from supply issues, so if anything, the majority of the cards that were sold in that 2 million mark that AMD had set were most likely mid-range gaming cards like the 5700 series. Even though AMD technically has the fastest single card on earth, the 5970, they still cannot get enough chips in order to make enough cards to satisfy the market to the point where they are actually taking large swaths of market share away from Nvidia.

Which is what you would expect a company to attempt to do when they know that their product is superior in many ways over their competitors.