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Archerfish Solo trolling for sales


Most companies at CES are fishing for customers. The Solo, an interactive video monitoring system from Archerfish is no different. A table display at CES Unveiled held a compact wireless video device that says it leapfrogs motion detection. Archerfish may not have such ?new technology? according to a fellow staffer, but does the homeowner  who is attempting to protect their valuables, and themselves, care? So long as it does the job. Solo?s benefits to the homeowner are many.

Random motion that triggers alerts in a security system drive people to distraction. Are you awakened in middle of the night by a burglar or is it just your pet cat? Archerfish lets you program your system to look for certain levels of intrusion. There are different levels of activation.

Solo is a five-in-one wireless video device with a camera (I?d hope so), a DVR, a server, an intelligent filter (their claim to fame) and a search engine. It provides around the clock, seven days a week, live or recorded video that you can get at from anywhere. In the past, we have depended on our good neighbors to get in touch with us if anything was amiss in our vacant abode. Archerfish will become your best friend, delivering instant video notification to your mobile phone, or will send you an email. Of course, you can?t ask it a lot of questions, such as ?Have the cops arrived yet?? like you would communicate with that next door neighbor who alerted you.

As to usability, the complete system can be installed in a few minutes. Better yet, it doesn?t need dedicated software that you have to deal with, nor do you to have a PC to run it. It is 802.11 wireless. Indoor or outdoor, weather doesn?t bother it, nor does night time deter it from its appointed task.