EVGA adds three new Intel based motherboards to their lineup


At the EVGA suite, we were able to take a look at some of EVGA?s new products that they made available for us to see. These were their two new H55 and H57 boards for Clarkdale and the W555 for dual socket Xeons to allow for potentially 24 threaded gaming. Although we?re perfectly aware of that fact that most if not all games are not capable of utilizing dual Gulftown, we are quite sure that our 4K video studio would thoroughly enjoy having 24 threads and being able to possibly even overclock.

Their H55 and H57 boards will feature DVI, HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort which means that they are trying to make full use of the IGP and the features that it supports through the Clarkdale chip that we recently reviewed. These boards are more targeted towards the mainstream segment and towards people who want to have a fast and cool processor that is capable of being overclocked but don?t necessarily care for having a very powerful GPU. This kind of a solution can drive down the cost of systems by cutting out the GPU while still offering a very fast CPU that enables some very good overclocking.

As for the W555, we already gave you some small details about the board a week or so ago and we really haven?t gotten much more information than we have already given you other than the fact that we managed to get a snapshot of this board with 3 GPUs installed on it to show that it is capable of fitting 3 EVGA GTX 285 Classified boards, or perhaps something even faster. Seeing the shimmer in Theo?s eyes from seeing this board, I can tell you that anyone who does any kind of video editing or high quality content creation will love this board. From what we gathered speaking with Shamino, this board will have all of the features that a standard classified board should offer, with some added tweaks and perks that can?t quite be mentioned because they aren?t even close to being final. All we can say is that we would love to see this thing go and break some records with a Gulftown and Fermi combination. Or perhaps even a Gulftown and 5970