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CES 2010 – Luxmo shows off Luxury cases for your smartphone


When I first saw the Dream Wireless booth, it was after having visited multiple booths offering cases for the iPhone and other smart and not so smart phones. My first thought was that these are some nice phone cases! I had thought that before, but this one booth really did it for me. I went so ?girlie?, it was not even funny. These phone cases are simply awesome.

The Luxmo line of cases made by Dream Wireless are hand jeweled [and printed] and are made primarily for smartphones [mainly the iPhone 3g and 3gs]. So I asked Richard Sun from Dream Wireless if they made one for the iPhone 2g. Richard said that they can actually hand make one for the 2g.

I was so baffled that I didn?t know what to say. Richard even told me that you can have a custom made picture put on the back. For instance I am a Twilighter [Team Voltaire] so I could get a Twilight image or logo on the back of it and so on.  All I can say about these phone cases is; WOW.

Richard also informed us that they are making a line of cases [including custom luxury cases] for the Zune HD.
We hope to take a closer look at one [or more] of these very soon to let you know if they work as good as they look.