Patriot shows us the Inferno SSD and their 25th anniversary RAM


Another one of our stops during CES 2010 was the Patriot suite. Here we had a chance to talk to Patriot about where they are heading and what position they feel their products have in the market. As you can imagine they feel they are offering high-quality, high-performance products.

To illustrate this they showed us their new Inferno SSD. This is their newest SSD offering; in fact it is so new they have not even finalized the outer shell [the one on display was a mockup]. But despite not being in a finalized package, Patriot was quick to show us its performance.

As you can plainly see they are getting some nice numbers on the read side, but writes are still pretty low. This means that for the foreseeable future SSDs [even fast ones like the Inferno] will still be a consumer level product. They just do not have the sustained random writes needed for audio/video and professional photography work.  Still for the consumer this is a great drive and one that will definitely give a boost to your system performance.

Patriot also told us that it is their 25th anniversary and to celebrate it they are going to be selling special 25th anniversary labeled RAM modules.

One other item we had a chance to talk about was the Box Office Media Player. As you know this new market is becoming littered with devices all working off of the same media chipset from RealTek. This means that performance is not going to be what sets them apart; it is going to be the features and extras that make one product "better" than the other. To this end Patriot has some plans for the Box Office to help it stand out from the crowd. Some of these will include access to things like You Tube, Flickr, and other online media sources. Another is a pair of add-ons; one is a 802.11n wireless dongle while the second is the ability to plug in a USB ODD [optical disk drive] for Bluray and DVD playback.