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CyberLink launches paint software for Multi-Touch displays


While Multi-Touch Displays are an interesting way to control the operating system, CyberLink just increased usability of this revolutionary technology by launching painting software.

Under the name YouPaint, CyberLink launched application that is guaranteed to bring kids and adults together in front of the multi-touch enabled computer screen. While you should not expect Photoshop or Illustrator, seeing this application live is really something. The interface itself is changed to move away from the precision we all learned using keyboard and a mouse and remain usable when we control it with fingers.

Given that we saw what artists did with devices such as the iPhone, one can’t stop wondering what will happen when digital artists grab a hand at this software. YouPaint is available for 35 bucks on CyberLink’s eStore and the company is naturally, making this software available to OEMs [Original Equipment Manufacturer] for bundling with their multi-touch enabled products.