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Firefox 3.6 is finally out!

After several months of testing, Mozilla finally finished Firefox 3.6, the last version of this massively popular browser.
The newest version of Firefox brings several new features as well as the increase in speed. Firefox 3.6 uses Gecko 1.9.2 web-rendering engine, which should improve load times, startup speed, and stability. After playing with HTML5 support in various engine versions, Gecko 1.9.2 finally brings full HTML5 support – no place for complacency.

According to Mozilla, FireFox 3.6 supposedly should load 20% faster than much criticized Firefox 3.5. JavaScript execution is much faster and smoother as well, thus we should not experience random crashes on various Facebook apps and similar JavaScript-intensive websites.

As the answer to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and its anonymous browsing feature, FireFox 3.6 brings "Personas". Personas is a new feature that lets you customize your Firefox experience with a single click and without a restart. There?s also improved Auto-Complete form functionality.

Firefox 3.6 Beta spent last several months in testing, but the release candidates only started coming out this month. It looks like everything with the releases went smoothly, so Mozilla decided to launch the browser for everyone.
You can download the new Firefox 3.6 from here