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Icron puts your PC in your TV


Icron Technologies? new ExtremeLINK PC-to-TV platform combines video and USB streaming from a PC to any TV in your house. You can email, surf the web, play PC games, or watch online videos on your television. All this without sacrificing standard USB peripheral functionality such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam, or flash drive. With ExtremeLINK PC-to-TV, you can throw out all those other media players, gaming consoles, and DVD players.

Icron's PC-on-TV BoxBrian Donnelly, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Icron, demonstrated game playing on the TV at the CES presentation. You can use any PC application, and view, stream, access all the content that?s on your PC on your television. You have access to online content and applications on that big screen TV, too. This is accomplished with 802.11n wireless communications between the sender and receiver throughout your entire house. Both PC and TV units have HDMI, USB 2.0, with stereo audio inputs/output.

Icron claims that there is no software set up, nor video tuning required. You can be up and running by simply plugging in the cables. It doesn?t matter whether your PC is Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux, since there are no software drivers. The system is made up of two hardware units, one at the PC connecting to the video and USB outputs, and one unit at the TV which connects to its video and audio inputs.

Icron designs, manufactures and markets USB extension and bridging solutions. They have solved the distance limitation of USB by increasing the maximum range from 16 feet (5m ) to over 1.24 miles (2km). ExtremeUSB technology extends the range of any USB peripheral device over Cat 5, wireless, fiber and powerline, at distances up to 25 miles (40km). Their products are used in digital home connectivity, industrial automation, medical imaging, aerospace, and KVM extension.

Competition comparisons show Icron's concept as the ticket to ride
Competition comparisons show Icron’s concept as the ticket to ride

Comparing ExtremeLINK PC-on-TV to the competition, Donnelly says it is different because it is more compatible with PC and Internet content and Internet applications. It outperforms others with immediate response time ? no latency.  There are 3+ billion recently released USB I/O devices you can use. There are no moving parts, such as a fan or hard drive, so the operation is quieter, as well as smaller than a PC. The product is supposed to be compatible with new, upcoming PC?s. Being easy to use, and green due to its low power usage, rounds out why Icron says they are ahead of the pack. A slide they showed at CES illustrates how ExtremeLINK PC-on-TV stacks up against the competition. Other brands deliver only a percentage of Icron?s promise. 

The Canadian company is a little over 12 years old. You can find them on the TSX Venture Exchange under the stock symbol IT. Icron has accumulated several patents, but has a licensing program where its technology is available to the OEM market in a wide range of form factors.